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Protect your valuable stuff with free Found in Town recovery tags,
and join the world's universal,
web-based lost and found

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Then, tag your stuff! Keys, wallet, phone, tablet... anything you wouldn't want to go missing.

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We've all been there - the moment you realize you lost something.

Our messaging portal lets the finder of your item send you an INSTANT and

ANONYMOUS message from anywhere in the world - directly to your email.

Our messaging portal lets the finder of your item send you an INSTANT and ANONYMOUS message from anywhere in the world - directly to your email.

FiT's lost device recovery service means QUICK and EASY returns for your lost valuables.


Activate as many tags as you want by registering the FiT ID with your email address.


Tag any important belongings thing that could go missing. It's like a free insurance policy for your stuff!


If your tagged item is lost, the finder can send you an instant, anonymous message right to your email.

Still have questions? ABOUT US

Found in Town recovery tags make great SWAG for brands looking to make a difference in the lives of their customers.

Better Brand Awareness

Increase Brand Visibility

Custom tags are placed on your customers' most valuable items, protecting their stuff and generating hundreds of daily impressions.

Measurable ROI

Measurable ROI

Get real-time activation data to track user engagement, and trace new customers back to FiT giveaways.. unlike any other promotional product.

Quality Leads

Quality Leads

Distribute FiT recovery tags to learn who loves your brand, and to connect with them beyond the tag giveaway.

Dependable Lost And Found Solutions – Only A Click Away!

Today, we carry around a lot more valuables than ever before. In addition to the usual keys and wallets, our daily routines and travel itineraries also include carrying along smart phones, tablets, and even hard drives with important data. Losing any of these items can have a serious impact on your professional and personal life.

We bring you a state-of-the-art lost and found management system that presents an unbeatable solution for tracking lost items in a fool-proof manner. Unlike other solutions out there, ours is truly universal: all you need is internet access to help return a lost item. As a lost and found company offering the facilities of tracking lost items and return assistance, we deliver a dynamic and efficient system for recovering your valued items.

Let us help you ensure the safety of your devices and valuables in this era of increased mobility. Our tags offer unlimited benefits, including: lost device recovery service, lost cell phone finder, , lost key recovery service, stolen iPhone recovery, and stolen wallet recovery. These are not only perfect for the lone traveler, but also make for great corporate gifts for brand-conscious organizations.

Protect your valuable belongings with Found in Town

Launched in 2012, Found in Town is a web-based lost and found service for recovering high value items, anywhere in the world. Our state-of-the-art lost and found management system provides cost-free solutions for tracking and returning lost items.

Whether you are looking for stolen iPhone recovery services or lost key recovery services, we have you covered. Our tags are more versatile than any others, and our service is more universally acceptable and cost-effective that there is. Apart from stolen wallet recovery, device recovery services, lost cell phone finder, lost and found tags, as well as return assistance,we provide online tracking of lost items. In other words, you could say that we are the best service for lost and found.

Up till now, more than 500 valuable items have been returned through our online instant messaging portal. For more information about our services, feel free to contact us at

Protect your valuables, before it’s too late!

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